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Bourbon Barrel Head - GirlyBuilds
Bourbon Barrel Head - GirlyBuilds

Bourbon Barrel Head

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Genuine Bourbon Barrel head straight from the distilleries in Kentucky. These are raw heads straight off the barrel. These are perfect for any craft project you may have. These heads are un-cleaned and un-sanded. There is no bracing on the back of the head (option is available) and you will have to assemble yourself. The slats are very likely to shift during shipping, but they can easily be put back together. We can include a plywood backing for a total of $39.99. It will not be assembled to the head. For a fully assembled head purchase the $59.99 option.

These are Grade A heads that will have some small gaps, but are generally flat and in very good condition. These are ready for use for any craft project you have, or just for display in your home. We have an assortment of heads, but most are from Jim Beam Distillery or Makers Mark. We do not sand the distillery stamp off.

The barrel head in the photo has the following dimensions & finish:

Length: 22 in.
Width: 22 in.

*NOTE: We use genuine bourbon barrel lids from distilleries in Kentucky. Each lid has a unique design and markings. We sand off the majority of the markings on the face for guests to sign, but there is some variability in each lid. See listing pictures to get an idea of this variability. There will be remnants of distillery stamps present on most heads. Also, the smell of bourbon is also present.